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Fantasia Owner Twila Donley with Allina Oncologist Dr. Nicole Hartung
Fantasia Self Esteem Care Team
Fantasia Wig room recently opened at Buffalo Hospital
Fantasia team at grand opening of Virginia Piper Cancer Institute; Buffalo Hospital
Fantasia Owner Twila Donley with Karla Heeter; Executive Director; Buffalo Hospital Foundation
Fantasia Team at "The Business of Blonde" color event

Fantasia is pleased to announce our new esthetician and make up artist Billie Wiant

After enjoying a 20-year career in advertising and PR, Billie decided it was time for a change to pursue another passion – skin care. Her love for all things relating to skincare, makeup, & health promotion, led her to the field of esthetics.

Billie is dual-licensed in both Minnesota and Missouri.St Louis, where she had the opportunity to open her own skincare practice – First Impressions Skin Care.

Billie is also a regional makeup artist for Christian Dior. Billie has worked with Dior celebrity makeup artists Nick Caridi, Jeffrey Sanchez, and Jonathon Ader; as well as Dior Skincare expert Alicia Thornton. She was fortunate to have also worked a Saks Fifth Avenue elite event featuring Harper’s Bazaar Editor Avril Graham in St. Louis.

In addition to her esthetics license, she holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with a concentration in marketing and a master’s of science degree in Community Health Promotion. A former Certified Health Education Specialist, she continues to share her health and wellness knowledge with others. Caring for and improving your skin is her passion!

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