4 Father’s Day Gifts He Doesn’t Have

Okay, so I am a guy. I know how difficult it is to shop for us. We never want anything or we already have it. So what do you get the guy who has everything? I am going to give you 4 gifts that you probably have never thought about:

  1. Hair Cut & Style: I’m guessing your dad probably goes to the same barber and gets the same haircut he’s had for the last 25 years. We are creatures of habit and to be honest we just don’t like the hassle of change. But, nobody said we don’t like to look and feel younger. A new haircut by one of our professional stylist will have your Dad wondering why he didn’t switch his style sooner! At the very least he’ll be asking why his barber doesn’t shampoo his hair. I mean who doesn’t love that?
  2. Manicure & Pedicure: Okay, I saw you roll your eyes. “My dad would never ever get a Mani and Pedi.” Listen this may take a little convincing, but let’s be honest, out of your entire family he is probably the one who needs this the most. Dry cracked hands and feet are chronic and a lot of time painful for guys who tend to under utilize lotion, spend hours outside and on their feet. A manicure and pedicure for guys isn’t about the cute color, it’s about healthy skin and remoisturizing areas that badly need it. Plus we know it is super relaxing, so do your Dad a favor and get him a gift certificate. You may be the one who discovers his new favorite way to relax.
  3. Waxing: Granted this may be for the guys who have already tried their hand with manicures and pedicures. But, we promised gifts you’d never think of. Waxing doesn’t have to be like the painful “40 Year Old Virgin” scene! It can be as simple as shaping up those shaggy brows, or styling a neater mustache or beard. Combine that with a little deep skin exfoliation or a mask and BOOM; you have yourself a gift that relaxes and grooms.
  4. Hair & Skin Products: As guys we have no idea what to buy when it comes to shampoo and body wash, we’d use a 4 in 1 if we could find it (shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, toothpaste). But, we both know that those products are terrible, they often lead to damaged hair and dry skin. So, your Dad may be uncomfortable and think that is the norm. That is where you come in. Buy him a professional shampoo and soap that hydrates and he’ll definitely thank you later. Buy him travel sizes too, because if he is slacking in the product department at home he definitely is slacking on the road!

We hope we gave you at least one idea for a unique Father’s Day Gift. Some of these gifts may take a little convincing, but more often than not guys don’t know what they want until they try something new! At the very least you’ll know he will be relaxed and feel taken care of here at Fantasia Salon. We are running specials all month long, so come on in or give us a call and let us know you are looking for a gift for your Dad and we will be happy to help you find perfect present.

About the author: Josh Pavano is an avid world traveler and entrepreneur who knows a thing or two about exceptional male grooming.