Vacuum Wigs

Another hair replacement option is a vacuum-pressure attachment which is made of a hard, soft, or semi-soft polyurethane or silicone. Prices will vary due to materials but the range for vacuum wigs is from $3000-5000.

In order to be a candidate for this hair replacment system, you would have to have no hair at all. The lining is strecthed over the head and the prosthetic (wig) is fastened to the scalp with suction. There are pluses and minuses to using this type of replacement.

The vacuum base allows for cuticle hair to be injected into it so you get the beautiful, finished look of real hair. The hair is less processed when the cuticle has been removed so there are less snarls and tangles. A vacuum is a very good prosthetic and very difficult to tell it’s not the real thing. However, the vacuum option creates security without much breath-ability, so maintenance of the scalp is of the utmost importance.

Another drawback is that for proper fit, you have to have a perfect head. Those who use this hair replacement system believe in it so much they are unwilling to try anything else including some of the new technology.

Fantasia salon is able to fit vacuum wigs. We make plastic molds here, in-house, which are then sent to the manufacturer for the hair replacement to be custom made. Turn around time will depend on the manufacturer.

Here are some tips for proper care of this type of hair replacement:

  • Use special tools to dry, brush and comb the wig. Keep it from undue friction.
  • Special care must be take for properly storing the wig. Keep it on a head, preferably one made of covered, skin-like material. If you are using Styrofoam, replace it monthly because it could build bacteria even though the hair looks clean.
  • There is less breathability which could initially causes rashes, however your body will adjust to this.
  • If you wear your wig all the time; you must regularly condition your scalp.

Even though vacuum wigs are an older technology, there are those individuals who love the technology because most people absolutely cannot tell they are wearing a wig. Plus they like the secure feeling of this type of hair replacement. It is for these people that Fantasia continues to fit vacuum hair replacements. If you or someone you know has been looking for a salon to help them with vacuum hair replacement, we would love to talk with them.

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