Hair, Skin, & Nails: Hello Summer!

Here are some warm weather Do’s and Don’ts, from Fantasia’s Beauty Experts – everything from hair to skin to nails, to make for a wet and wild summer!


Summer often means water sports, like swimming, or just lazing in the pool. So how do you take care of your hair before taking that plunge into the lake or swimming pool? Fantasia Stylists recommend wetting and then putting a little conditioner in your hair before taking the plunge, because damp hair soaks up fewer chemicals than dry hair.

Wondering whether you can swim in your wig or hair extensions this summer? Fantasia’s Hair Restoration Specialists advise against swimming in your hair system or extensions. Swimming can take its toll, affecting the lifespan of your hair system or extensions. Take a dip… but keep your hair investment above the water!


How can you protect your skin while indulging in some water-time fun this summer? Fantasia Esthetician Saba weighs in: “Protect your water-logged skin with a water-resistant sunscreen with SPF 30 or more before you head to the pool or lake. Reapply every 40 – 60 minutes, according to the product’s directions. Afterwards, reach for an aloe-rich lotion to soothe dry and irritated skin. And for extra summertime attention, treat yourself to eye extensions this summer, and make your eyes pop!”

Want to never worry about makeup wearing off or smearing in the pool? Splurge on permanent cosmetics with Linda, Fantasia Permanent Makeup Artist.


It’s time to put away the gloves and closet the boots – summer is here and that means your nails are making a blockbuster appearance. Now’s the time to try some new and exciting nail styles, as recommended by Fantasia Nail Artist Marni: “More and more women are asking for nail art and 3-D embellishments, like rhinestones. They’re very fashionable and wearable, but will last longer with a gel manicure. If you’re hesitant to try something so different from your usual style, consider a patterned French tip. Try waves, patterns, or even red, white & blue for a super stylish 4th of July!”

Is it possible to have fabulous nails while spending every weekend in the pool? Yes, if you follow these rules: Chemicals and prolonged exposure to water can wreck a manicure and pedicure. Avoid chipping and peeling with a few coats of nail strengthener before you hit the water. Or consider a gel mani/pedi for a more resilient nail look. Fantasia is ready when you are – call for your summertime appointment now!