Happy Holiday Beauty Tips

Between decorating, cooking, shopping, and wrapping – not to mention all those holiday parties – I have little time to add holiday sparkle to my daily beauty routine. So, of course, I asked the beautiful beauty experts at Fantasia Salon and Hair Restoration Center to share some of their favorite holiday short-cuts.

Fantasia has a bountiful collection of hairbands and accessories for any occasion. Many are jeweled and sparkly to add an extra touch to your holiday hairstyle.

If you choose, look no further than your jewelry box to add some razzle dazzle. Most necklaces or bracelets with a slim chain can be anchored into a simple hairstyle for extra shimmer. Try a chignon, bun, or even a simple braid, and tuck either end under your knot, fastening with bobby pins.

You can even try your hand at making a handmade hair accessory, using old jewelry and a hair extension clip. Take a broach, pendant, or other bejeweled piece and simply sew onto an extension clip. Make a few extras and you have a “made from the heart” gift for friends and family.

Sometimes, all it takes for a little sparkle – is a Shine Hair Spray, available at Fantasia. Ask your Fantasia Hair Design Specialist for a quick, but different take, on a favorite style. Try a long bang, secured with bobby pins, divide your hair and have 2 buns instead of one, or if your hair is always letter-perfect, muss it up a little, and deconstruct for a new holiday look.

Of course, not all holiday beauty tips have to be about your hair. You can ramp up your makeup, too, with a change of lipstick and eye shadow. Crimson red lips are always in style, but pair it up with a winged liner, and you have holiday style written all over your face.

Add some Jane Iredale shimmer to your eye shadow, using a holiday color – like gold, copper, or even silver. Smudge the color just a little along your lash lines, both top and bottom, and everyone will say your eyes have it all this season. And don’t forget a little luminous blush to add rosiness and sparkle to your cheeks.

Add some festive flair to your nails, with Holiday Nail Art by Marni, Fantasia’s own OPI certified nail expert. Try a luxe lacquer, or a favorite holiday symbol – snowflakes, wreaths, icicles and more – and watch as your nails go from ho-hum to ho, ho, ho!

When you reach for the hand or bottom lotion this season, choose one with a touch of peppermint. You’ll not only look like a walking Holiday, you’ll feel like one, too. Change out the air fresheners in your home to wintry scents like Pine Needles, Fresh Snow, even Cookies!

These are just a few of the Holiday Tips you can use this season, from your friends and experts at Fantasia Salon and Hair Restoration Center. We wish you all a very Happy Holiday season – and may the spirit of love and unity remain in your hearts all year long. God bless!

Colleen Szot is a passionate client of Fantasia Salon and has been a writer for over 40 years. Featured in Steve Dworman’s best selling book as the only writer highlighted, Colleen has established herself on the writing stage as a voice to be trusted.