The Best Holiday Gifts Are at Your Salon

I will never forget the Christmas I bought pedicures for my closest friends. I had made arrangements at my local salon, cleared the date with my friends, and there we met, to indulge, to laugh, and to create a lifelong memory. To this day, we all talk about it – and while the cost per toe was nominal, the experience was absolutely priceless. I still have friends who ask me about it.

Over the years, I have found that the gift of beauty is a year-round present everyone appreciates. A gift card from your local salon, or purchasing a specific service, is one of the most welcome presents you can give – and receive! – anytime of the year. And if you can turn it into an adventure – all the better!

My husband knows by now – after 33 years of marriage! – that a Beauty Gift Card is all I need under the Christmas tree!

I give beauty products, too, so that my near and dear can indulge at home when they can’t get to the salon. Moroccan Oil is always a favorite, and this year I’m giving the Intense Hydrating Mask, The Original Treatment, and Luminous Hairspray.
For nail lovers, OPI has a full line of holiday gift products, including the new Breakfast at Tiffany’s Infinite Shine collection, the Washington DC line in the spirit of actress Kerry Washington and the TV series, “Scandal,” plus favorite “go-to” colors in new and timeless favorite colors.

Last year, I gave my dear friend Bridget a Fantasia Gift Card and you would have thought I had written her a check for a million dollars.

I’ll never forget her reaction – at first, it was disbelief, then it was the kind of gratitude you see only when you have truly touched someone’s heart. She broke into tears and gave me the longest hug. “You have no idea how I need this,” she said, stunned and so thankful. Between caring for her ailing brother, her own family, and working full-time, she had absolutely no time just for herself. The Beauty Gift Card forced her to take a few hours and allow herself to be pampered.

I will never forget that. Bridget told me she hadn’t had her hair done in months, her nails had long ago gone the way of neglect, and boy, could she use a massage. She made the earliest appointment she could, and for one day – one magical day – she allowed herself to be spoiled, cared for, and loved in a way that meant so much.

Since then, I’ve realized that trinkets come and go, as does jewelry, and even clothing – but no one forgets the experience of indulging yourself for one day, or once a month, or even once a year.

That’s why I’ll be giving the Gift of a Fantasia Gift Card along with a couple of favorite products this year, to my friends. And who knows – this year we may giggle our way through a round of manicures, and celebrate our very special friendships, which, after all, is the greatest gift of all.

Fantasia Hair Salon & Hair Restoration Center offers Gift Cards for the Holidays, plus a diversity of beauty products, ready to give:
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