What Do Your Eyes Say About You?

When meeting someone for the first time, what do your eyes say about you? According to a study by Princeton University, it takes people only one-tenth of a second to make a judgment about another person based on his or her facial appearance. The study goes on to say that the two biggest influencers are a person’s smile – and their eyes.

Eyelash extensions have gained popularity in recent years for several reasons, and include women who don’t want to rely on mascara on a daily basis. With eyelash extensions, you literally wake up looking alert, beautiful, and “put-together.” Many women are leaning towards a more natural look, with less make-up overall, which emphasizes more glowing skin, a personable smile, and welcoming eyes.

Today’s eyelashes run the gamut from economy, over-the-counter single strip lashes of old, to weight-free, professionally-applied extensions that can last up to 6 weeks. Individual lashes dramatically frame the eyes, and call attention to one of your most important assets – your eyes!

Fantasia Aesthetician Saba comes to our guests with years of experience in eyelash extensions. Saba has undergone specialized NovaLash training, the industry’s most comprehensive training course for the most efficient and effective application techniques. Licensed professionals view the NovaLash training program, the only physician-developed course in the lash extension industry, as “the healthiest” in the business, and all licensed Cosmetologists and Aestheticians receive a NovaLash Certification once training has been completed.

NovaLash Eyelash Extensions are individual, synthetic extensions singularly bonded to each natural lash to create a longer, thicker, more glamorous lash look. The eyelash procedure itself is simple and takes about 90 minutes.

The versatility of the lash extensions and the strong polypeptide adhesive that holds them to the natural lashes allows nearly anyone to wear them, no matter their age, special sensitivity, eye or skin issues, or active lifestyle.

NovaLash is recognized for having addressed the single largest challenge of lash extension training, which was the slow application speed. Now, only NovaLash offers and teaches techniques and tips that can reduce lash application time, by half.

Furthermore, the NovaLash program places special emphasis on theory, the science behind the procedure, safety, and advanced techniques that are guaranteed to produce longer-lasting lash applications.
Eye contact that is confident and personable can determine the way others see you – which is why eye appearance is so important in today’s competitive workplace. Your eyes build a rapport with people, which is why their appearance is so important to making that great first impression.

So… what do your eyes say about you?