Why Get a Professional Nail Service?

For years, I would sit diligently on the sofa every Sunday evening, with my complete nail care kit on hand, to shape, buff, and polish my nails. And I was proud of my handiwork…of course, there was a little spillage, and I might have to re-do a nail or two, but it made me feel girly and self-reliant to be in charge of my own nails.
Then a friend gave me the gift of a professional manicure – and looking back, I was horrified at my silly DIY nail treatment compared to a nail care expert. Now, a professional manicure is a regular part of my beauty routine, and for good reason.

My at-home manicure looked:
– Uneven, with polish often on the cuticles and up the side of my nail bed (and a Q-tip with nail polish remover only goes so far!)
– Cuticles were ragged, and on the rare occasion when I would even try to cut them, they would bleed or leave tell-tale marks
– Nail bed itself would be pitted or cracked, which I would try to hide with even more polish
– A French manicure done at home? Disaster with a capital D.
– Not relaxing at all: as I struggled to stay “within the lines,” and not hurt myself, I was often stressed and unhappy with the finished results.
On the other hand (pun intended), my professional manicure offered the following:
– Nails and instruments are always cleaned safely and thoroughly
– Nail beds are buffed so they are even, with no pits or cracks
– Nails themselves are perfectly shaped – no uneven edges
– Cuticles are pushed back or cut expertly, with no hangnails
– My hands are massaged by experts, often up to my elbows – this alone is worth the visit because, let’s face it – as a writer, I count on my hands to do my job!
– The nail polish was thick and long-lasting
– I can sit and relax, knowing that I will leave with a high quality finish and a feeling of comfort and indulgence.

When it comes right down to it, a DIY manicure makes as much sense as a DIY haircut, something very few of us would ever, ever attempt.

Someone who has gone to nail school certainly knows a lot more about how to give the best manicures – plus they can use both hands, versus my one-handed make-do attempts. A professional manicure is always going to be of a higher caliber than the one you give yourself. You’ll also be treated to a high-quality polish, a top and base coat, and an expert shaping of your nails to look uniform and more resistant to chipping.

One of the things I love the most about my professionally done manicure is the way my nails are shaped. I’m old school and like a rounded shape, even though perfect squares have been the norm for years now. Professionally- shaped nails are something I know I could never do myself (and believe me, I’ve tried!). I also find that when I do elect to have nail polish, I never experience chipping until day five, and even then, the chipping is very subtle and never ruins the entire manicure.
Fantasia Nail Technician Marni is one of Minnesota’s leading certified OPI educators and has been practicing her craft at Fantasia for 16 years.

I recommend, at a minimum, a monthly manicure, and more often if polish needs to be refreshed or changed,” she says. Fantasia was one of the very first full service salons to offer the OPI soak-off gel manicure, for polish perfect nails for up to 2 weeks. “Gel manicures are perfect for women on the go, or who must maintain a professional appearance at all times.

Fantasia Founder and Owner Twila Donley prides herself on offering a safe and nurturing atmosphere for all women, but adds that all Fantasia Salon nail technicians are specially trained to serve women with compromised immune systems.

So – DIY or Do It Pro? For professional results, that last and last, going to a salon like Fantasia is definitely worth it.