Marni Ribnick
Nail Director & Technician

Marni is one of Minnesota’s leading certified OPI educators. She offers training to the salon professional on a wide range of OPI products and systems. Marni feels that being part of the OPI brand is especially helpful in staying on top of new trends in the nail industry. She also finds it exciting to be on the cutting edge of new products on the market.

She has worked at Fantasia since 2000 and loves it – every day is a new adventure! “What other career allows you to build relationships with people, while making them feel & look great, all while being creative?!”

Marni grew up in this industry. Her great grandfather, Sol Goldstein, founded a company called National Beauty Supply. Her uncle, Beryl Goldstein, owed it after that and her grandparents, Marcia & Danny Ansell worked there as well. (name dropping is important here, as Twila, the owner of Fantasia, remembers doing business with all of them many years ago!) Even as a child, Marni owned tons of nail care products and loved polishing all of her friends’ nails.

Soak off gel-polish is where it’s at these days. Marni offers OPI’s GelColor as well as CND’s Shellac. Both systems offer you 10-14 days of beautiful, shiny wear. They “cure/dry” using an LED or UV light source, and when the topcoat has gone through the curing process your polish is COMPLETELY DRY! No more being careful taking your car keys out of your purse or putting on your seat belt! At your next appointment, your nails are wrapped up in a tin foil remover pad, using a moisturizing lacquer remover. 10-15 minutes later “voila”, the polish comes off. If applied and removed properly, your nails should stay nice and healthy!

Tired of taking care of your own feet, or maybe just feel like a little pampering? Marni offers a couple of different pedicures that may suit your needs. The regular 60-minute Spa Pedicure includes nail & cuticle care, an exfoliating sugar scrub, a hydrating foot mask with hot towels, and a nice relaxing massage. Add on a nice moisturizing paraffin dip with warm booties, for an extra-added treat! Marni also offers the new 90-minute Luxury Urea pedicure.

Urea is a high end product line that penetrates 7 layers of the epidermis (skin). Especially good for those with stubborn callouses. Hot stones are also incorporated into the service, for extra relaxation.

Looking to jazz up your nail polish look? Think about some exciting nail art! Nail art is huge right now. It’s a good way to express yourself in a way that’s fun and not permanent. Show Marni a picture, and 9 times out of 10, she can replicate it! She can jazz up one, or all of your nails with a hand-painted design, a glitter/hombre look, rhinestones, shiny foil flecks, an iridescent chrome wash, or the ever-popular rubber stamp method. She’s always in search of some new fun technique to share with her clients!

"Thank you...for taking such good care of me!"

I had my nails done by Marni - the shellac polish. We combined two colors and and came up with my favorite. Stacy did my hair. Fantasia has been my salon for over 40 years! Thank you all for taking such good care of me

"My nails are GORGEOUS!"

I used to walk around with my fist clenched - no, I wasn't going into a fight - I was hiding my "no nails"! Then Marni suggested I have a shellac manicure. She thought it would be healthy for my nails, have a great look and that I might stop fiddling with them. Now, about six weeks later, my nails are GORGEOUS! You don't have to wait for the polish to dry! It's fantastic! Yeah Marni, Yeah shellac manicure!

"I feel I have a friend as well as a manicurist"

Marni has been doing my manicures and pedicures for 6 years. I have my nails done every week. I like them to look nice as I give out samples in the wine shop. People comment on the flowers Marni paints on each week. They think they are decals! Marni is very good at what she does! She is very personable, efficient, talented and accommodating. I feel as though I have a friend as well as a manicurist.

"I will certainly be coming back!"

I just had my first Luxury European Pedicure and it was FABULOUS! Marni did a wonderful massage that almost put me to sleep! I love the stones that come with the pedicure as well. I am planning to bring one of my girlfriends here as a gift to her and I will certainly be coming back for more of these as well.