Twila Donley
Advanced Hair Loss Specialist

As a young person, I was always interested in beauty, so it is no wonder that I entered Beauty School immediately after High School. At the age of 21 I opened salon. I began to wear wigs in the late 60’s when doing so had become a popular fashion statement. Because I had always had fine thin hair, a wig just made sense.

I had no clue that decades later, what was once a funky way to jazz up your appearance, would become a vital accessory to maintain one’s self esteem. Amid the rigors of natural and medically related hair loss, solutions for thinning and hair loss have always been my passion. Throughout the 90’s I focused much of my energy on the development of a top notch hair replacement salon in addition to putting an emphasis on education for myself. I also developed alliances with manufacturers and distributors of hair restoration products.

The hair loss solutions center has private rooms to enhance the comfort and privacy for our guests. I continue to offer the latest technology in hair restoration options and continue for look for more opportunities to expand and innovate. But at the end of the day it’s still the moments, when a guest arrives in tears and leaves with a confident smile that that fills my passion.

"So happy that I called!"

As a 1st time customer, I was so pleased with the response I received just by calling for my appointment! So friendly - so accommodating and so happy that I called!